Cottage by the Waterfall

2019.11.23 21:58


Hello there! I'm new to this wonderful page and the game ( playing 3 months now) and I absolutely love the housing side of things! This is my second time designing a home, my own personal house in Lavender Beds. I was going for a cozy, light and warm cottage feel! I really enjoy greenery, nature and a lot of light in homes! Thank you to all of the wonderful decorators on this page for ideas and on social channels that help with ideas and new ways to design! Also, thank you to these lovely designers for inspiration;
Ashen Bride:

First floor is composed of a breakfast nook and small kitchen with a cozy dining area and lofted storage area.

I'm looking foward to learning, improving and enjoying housing design even more! :)

<Kujata - Lavender Beds, ward 20, plot 9 >


Second floor is where the bedroom, bathroom and reading area are contained. There is also a small, creative lofted area above the bedroom/bathroom!


I really tried to create a lot of different seating areas for FC members to come and enjoy the views :)