Un désordre organisé

2019.10.21 09:14

Seimiya Kuroko


Location : Diabolos, Lavender Bed - Ward 3, plot 22

Commission made in a cottage on Diabolos for a very sweet person. They wanted a place that allow role play and suit the character that lives in here. She [the character] is a person adventurous, carefree, irresponsible and messy sometimes. She is an impulsive adventurer but very kindhearted, the house would have been a total mess if her friend didn't come over often and clean up. She like greens and hot brown woods.

Since the owner is a Lalafell, i tried to make every thing lala-sized, but do not worry if you are interested in visiting the house : anybody can enter it. I had so much fun designing this place, the description of the character helped me so much to create a place that would suit the owner. I tried my best to make the place "disorganized-organized" and i think it is a great success, in my opinion.

For the inspiration, i took some ideas from my best friend google and a few other ideas from my fellows housing designers such as :
• Midori (https://twitter.com/midori_ffxiv),
• Rhapsody (https://twitter.com/rhapsodoodle),
• Ashen Bride (https://twitter.com/AshenBride),
• Feng Lin (https://twitter.com/fenglin_FF14), and a lot of other talented designers from de FD discord.
Big thanks to HGXIV (https://twitter.com/hgxiv?lang=en) for their incredible work with break-it-downs, references, etc. I took some inspirations from there ^^