La Marinière

2019.10.15 05:05

Seimiya Kuroko

Another commission, this time for a large house on Twintania server. "La Marinière" was a freaking big huge work to me but also the funniest design i made so far and i am so glad the owners like it. I feel so privileged to have the chance to decorated for such nice and understanding persons, i think this is thanks to their support and kind comments i didn't go nuts during the floating process xD.

Since the whole house was designed on the main floor of the house, the 2nd floor and the ceilings are actually entirely made by me and my exhausted hands. I tried to give a gentle, simplistic but also animated ambiance to the house and i think it actually shows from the colours i used. This is my first time trying vivid colours like that so i am glad of the result.

Concerning the inspiration, i was actually mainly inspired by IRL photos i found on internet and Ikea designs (mostly for the colours). I was also greatly inspired by a lot of great FFXIV housing designers such as :
- Feng Lin (,
- Alex from lich (,
- Nina Diamore (,
- Rhapsody (,
- BigJun (
- Maxine Whirlwind (,
- Ashen Bride (,
- Zenothan (, and a lot of persons from the Fashion Decorator discord.

Location : Twintania, Mist - Ward 3, plot 5