Européen fantaisiste

2019.08.08 04:14

Seimiya Kuroko

Location : Jenova - Mist, Ward 14, polt 59

This is a commission i made for a friendly FC on Jenova server. They wanted something European-fantasy-like with an office. They didn't wanted it to be cramped or modern. I made an observatory (inspired by Ashen Bride's one) in the second floor next to the office.

Since i'm more used to do modern style decorations, I made a lot of research to give me ideas. I was mostly inspired by AkhRhai's "Homey & Overgrown" ( and Mary Mry's "ヴィエラの住む家" (
I'm really proud of the final production, it was a great challenge for me and i'm so happy they like it.

Feel free to come and take a look :)


The living room here is placed on a loft, it is next to the stairs that lead to the office.


This is actually the 2nd floor. When climbing the stairs, you end up in the office which is next to the "library-observatory room". On the right of the stairs, when you climb, their is a door that lead to the room and the bathroom.


Since the size of the bathroom isn't that big, I wanted it to be simple and minimalist.