Cozy Lala House

2018.08.07 20:54


This is my living room and kitchen! I was inspired by Japanese players who make the beautiful outdoor windows. Thank you for the inspiration!

My house is on Coeurl. I am Lavender Beds Ward 15, plot 11.

Owner is Frank Ocean (me).


There is so much detail in here! I wish I could show more, but I think this is good. Her bedroom is walled off by two Oriental Partition Doors.

I'm very proud of how the tonberry altar came out! I really love tonberrys.

The vanity was inspired by a user on Housing Snap, with lots of my own touches.


The basement is very tiny as I was running out of slots! I think it is my favorite area of the house though. I had so much fun making this.


I had so much fun with this! I am very proud as it was a lot of hard work.