Ocean-Side Beach House

2024.07.06 07:38



Crystal, Zalera, Ward 9, Plot 2

It feels like such an accomplishment to do my very first "large" house! The owner of this house is a dedicated fisher, and has beach-side view outside of the house. I wanted to make something perfect for him to live in, while also being able to host his FC mates and friends :)

I wanted to do something very outside of the box, and decided I wanted to do "a house inside of a house". This project took multiple months, lots of time spent making sure it was light and airy, but functional and very g-pose friendly. Typically, one enters in a house and is met with an interior, but I wanted to flip it to make sure you entered the "outside" first! I usually use lots of references for builds, but I could not find many designs of this style. The exception to that is @Dessabele, and her "Faerie Glen" build- her build was my inspiration for this beach house!

In this section, I showcase the outside portion. Here, you can find a beautiful blue beach, adorned with plants and flowers. There is also a cozy fireplace where you can sit, make smores and chat with friends! The "house" has 2 portions, the main area, and a (not so secret) balcony you can access from the inside.

Best time to visit is during the day!

Please stop by and check this build out! It would mean so so much.


Outside portion continued :)


Here is the indoor "functional" portion of the house. A spacious, comfortable living room where endless conversations can take place. There are several nooks where you can lie back and get lost in a book. There is also a small kitchen, and a dining area for those who are hungry.

One of the things I love most is the beach mini balcony. Here, you can overlook the beautiful beach from the comfort of the living room.


Continuation of ground level, with the last picture being the upstairs balcony. It's a perfect little space overlooking the beach-side property.