Chaos The Venue

2023.11.19 14:07


A Venue I created for a client that is now my dear friend. She wanted a sleek modern look, with gold and blue as the main colour stand-outs. I made sure to include a low-key lounge upon entrance to give a speak-easy vibe. The owner wanted the space to have multiple purposes, so I made sure there was a landing space for all guests. Other areas I included: a bar where guests can sit and have a drink, plenty of seating area, a DJ booth, and a mini dance floor .

I wanted to add a lot of layering and texture to give a nightclub feel, while also keeping it modern and light on the eyes. I used lighting around the house to give the spaces warmth so that it felt intimate.

Crystal, Zalera, Shirogane, Ward 5, Plot 55.

The last day the venue will be up is 11/25/23 from 6-9 PST, so please make sure you stop by and say hi!


Shots of the downstairs party area


More shots of the basement, with a party in action :)