Little Il Mheg Cabin

2023.11.19 12:50


I have made many, many, many versions of "Little Il Mheg" because I can never make up my mind on how I want it to look. My personal house will forever be in development, and won't be surprised if I change it again, soon.

Ever since I unlocked & played through Il Mheg, I KNEW I had to make my version of it. My initial take on it was what a cabin would look like if it was situated in Il Mheg. Hence, the cozy upstairs with a nice setting area and a cooking space for a few friends.

In the basement, it will hopefully transport you to Il Mheg itself. Almost like a basement access to the outside. I made it very gpose friendly so that there are plenty of places to take pictures.

I hope you can swing by and visit! I would love to see pictures taken here <3

Crystal, Zalera, LB, Ward 14 Plot 13 :)



Additionally basement pic & extra creative shots :)