Barbie Dreamhouse

2023.08.25 18:13

Ava Rose & Boom Hauer

Life in Plastic, it's fantastic.

This modern build in a Small Mist beachfront house was made with BARBIE in mind. This modern style build it meant to invoke as much "plastic" as possible, all the while trying to capture Barbie's effortlessly chic style.

The bed is on a raised platform, with elegant drapes encasing it. A sprawling closet is beside that, holding of all of Barbie's signature, designer outfits and accessories. A small living area, with a custom built fireplace and custom built sofa are perfect for relaxing, catching up with a good book or with a good friend. The small kitchen overlooks the Malibu beach.

It's always a perfect day for Barbie! Come and pay a visit - Dynamis Data Center, Seraph - Mist - Ward 13, Plot 21