Steppe Retreat

2023.04.12 20:06

Gelly Panda

------- April 2023 -------
[S] Aether [Cactuar] | Mist | Ward 28 | Plot 27

I've wanted to do a Steppe themed build for so long! I was very excited to do this one. I knew I wanted to do an Xaela tent as the main part of the build. So I was very happy when I got the okay to do that for this house. I took inspiration from Mol Iloh in the Steppe for the tent. I wanted to give a view of the Steppe as well, but I didn't want to just use the phasmascape. And it gave me the chance to use the miniature iloh furnishing. I am really happy with the custom windows near the tents entrance. The downstairs is also accessible through the curtain with the wooden steps in front of it.

For the downstairs I wanted it to be reminiscent of a cellar that was built into one of the mountains in the Steppe. That also is why the window downstairs has a view of a cave. I wanted the space to feel a little more open, so I thought the view would aid with that. I also just am obsessed with these little cove-like views. I'm very proud of the lighting in this build. As well as the use of different colors and wood textures.