2023.03.18 08:54

Gelly Panda

------- March 2023 -------
[S] Aether [Siren] | Lavender Beds | Ward 24 | Plot 22

I haven't gotten to work on a cottagecore styled home in so long I was so excited when I got to work on this. I wish I had more slots available because I had so many other ideas for this build but slots just wouldn't allow. The fireplace in the livingroom is from Ashen. I saw it and instantly thought it would fit nicely in there. I kinda winged the windows in this build. I think I changed my mind on how I wanted them to look about 10 times lol I wanted to put flowers in there, but I just couldn't. I really like the new table we got this patch as well, because it looks so nice as a fake shelf. I really like this build overall.