2023.02.22 06:46



Primal - Leviathan - Shirogane - w24 p18

Commission for a friend who asked me for a home that's comfy and warm. He was hoping to move to Lav Beds, but since he was stuck in Shiro I did my best to cover all traces of it inside and instead built something that's a bit more Alpine/fantasy. I had a strong desire to do another "tower" build but that's difficult in a cottage size since there is only a basement. I hope it comes across that I cleverly turned the entrance to the house into a window, and the house design's "front door" is on a landing in the stairwell. It makes it so the ground floor is the "tower" above the main house. The "spiral tower" design features a library in the center and moonlit views outside.

All photos by @monixiv on Twitter!


The "main floor" of this home is in the basement. Commissioner requested a nice open area to craft while still keeping the home cozy, so there are Namazu hidden in the cabinets for that. The name "apricity" refers to the warmth of the sun in the winter, and I think that's captured well by the windows that illuminate the house during the daytime.


The exterior of the house is decorated to match the Shirogane style, despite the interior not being Eastern. I wanted a tranquil garden with my friend's choice of morbol green for accent.