Dawn to Dusk

2023.01.24 03:58

Gelly Panda


------- January 2023 -------
[S] Aether [Cactuar] | Goblet | Ward 30 | Plot 28

This build unfortunately may not be up for very long. The home owner decided they will be bidding during the next lottery, so if they win it will be taken down. This build feels very similar in layout to my first Japanese styled build, however the client wanted to use both floors. So I tried to not go overboard on slot usage. I enjoy how simplistic the garden is, but it still seems eye catching. I got the idea for the window upstairs from this break it down https://twitter.com/haidie0721/status/1304630810260238336?s=20&t=zJl3Ii0tkrvsAr1cqDEsWw
This designs main focus is the sunsetting, so it looks best around 3-5pm Eorzea time! I chose that time of day because of one of the reference photos I used. The pillows and blanket were a sunset orange, so I thought I'm use that same color scheme.