Rest and Relaxation

2018.03.12 23:22


Main floor room used as a place of rest and meditation. Housing lighting set at 1.

Use of Imitations windows, lamps and wall lights provide enough illumination. White partitions were used to section off the floor into different areas and give each a bit of texture.

Paper partitions were used for the stairwell walls to continue the theme downstairs.


His and her bath using Carbuncle tubs dyed in pastel blues and pinks. Water feature with shower stands going into each tub.

Imitation windows used to provide lighting. Miniature gold saucer and Ivy pillars as additional highlights.

Round troupe stage and paramour bed used for loft. Event bookshelf used for stairs.


Considered the relaxation/spa room.

Featuring buildings made with paper partitions, NPC vendors are used to keep the doors open. Hidden Triple Triad area in an enclosed space with double sliding doors.

Double oriental bathtubs for the spa like enclosure highlighted with an imitation window and hidden lighting.


Outside garden uses the outdoor hot springs with the morning glory trellis highlighting the building.

Large ponds are used with a bridge to allow access and trees to enclose and give the secluded feeling.