Haunted Halloween Manor

2022.10.26 09:44


EDIT: Build no longer in use! I moved :D


Crystal | Mateus | Mist Ward 21, Plot 6

300/300 Items Used

Light level: 1

Happy Halloween and All Saints' Wake! I've always wanted to do a gothic build and finally decided to do it. This time I really wanted to use all three floors of the home as I had three distinct setting ideas. This build was heavily inspired by both FFXIV's Haukke Manor dungeon and the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.

This first floor is a dining hall foyer decked out for All Saints' Wake, with a window door looking out over a graveyard on one side and a reading nook on the other.


The second floor was inspired by the Haunted Mansion's ballroom section. I wanted elegant, but spooky. The mannequins make for cute ghosts!


The basement I wanted a secret hidden down there, and what better for All Saints' Wake than a coffin? :3c Can you tell why there's a Levin Lamp with it?

The last two shots are extra pics of the some stairs and a close up of the graveyard. The tombstone concept was conceived by AmyVamy/Feainnewedd Gwenllech of Zodiark! Thank you for sharing that BID.