Fox's Den Revamp

2022.08.02 10:13


Goblet Ward 24, plot 43 | Zalera Server | Crystal Data Center, Mateus



Hello again everyone! My friends from Huxian Syndicate decided to take their FC RP venue in a new direction, which meant it was time for a remodel. They wanted to keep their previous theme of an "oasis in the desert" for their criminal RP. Only now the FC house is to act as a quest hub for patrons to accept and participate in storylines written and managed by the FC.

So I did my best to maintain the original color palette while expanding the overall seating, playing up low light for both a cozy, but mysterious ambiance. I also got to play with some environmental storytelling by trying to make key areas stand out for quest givers. And of course: lots and lots of plants (so many ivy curtains!). This is also a very minimal glitch build. I think overall there's only 3 or 4 items floated from a lower floor into an upper floor.

Feel free to stop by!


The upper floor is reserved for characters that have earned their way up through the quest hub by taking on multiple jobs. As such, I closed off one of the wings and made it a quieter space.


The upstairs is divided into a high tier quest giver and the "boss room." While one is working deals with the second to last quest giver they'll get a peek into the doorway leading into a room only the elite and trusted get access to.


Some final details of the boss room.