Summer Rain

2022.06.29 08:24


Visitors are welcome at Aether, Cactuar, Empyreum, W22, P30.

My client’s requests were suuuuper simple, just dark +modern, so I enjoyed a ton of creative freedom with this one! I wanted to try out a rainy concept, but not one too gloomy. Ultimately, I decided on a renovated industrial building with lots of open windows. I added a lot of natural light to mimic those summer days where the sun shines right through the rain. I’m especially proud of this glass roof where it looks like rain is falling.

This build is pretty dependent on movement compared to my other builds, and I would love for folks who can to visit and experience it. Best during Eorzean daylight hours! I will post a video link here when one is available, so please check back.

The glass roof is inspired by Nora Rappy’s greenhouse concept here:, the windows are inspired by Corwell Morgant’s “Honeywood” build:, and the slatted bed frame is based om Camillus Endwalker’s slatted sauna bench concept:


Additional angles :)