The Tojo Clan HQ

2022.06.21 03:02

Rem Tempest

Twintania - E: W14, P42.

FC House build ^^ Being assigned as FC's designer, leader tasked me with making dark modern lounge as well as neon style nightclub for events. For FC of a size of around 80 people I had to consider where people will be spending time, how many and when. Therefore, considering activity in normal hours (around 20-30) I made lounge fitting up to 20 people, and on event days - club for up to 40 people. As my first build that focuses on so many visitors, biggest challenge was not making build too small x) With that I did had a bit of trouble, but after few corrections everything turned out nicely and leader was pleased.

1st Floor, Lounge:
- Entrance
- Vendors
- Sofa Corner
- In-Wall Garden
- Bells, Aether Wheel, FC Chest

Basement, Club:
- Stage (with backstage)
- Bar
- Sofa Corner
- Baths (inspiration from John Wick 1st movie club scene)
- Dance Area