The Book Nook // ブックヌーク

2022.05.26 08:33


The Office and Library of Magister Arkaine Atherweaver.

[ Crystal - Balmung - Shirogane - Ward 24 - Plot 56 - Room #2 ]

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Owner | Arkaine Aetherweaver
Theme | Academic, Cozy Space, Grand Library, Study, Scholarly

Completion Date | October 16th, 2021
Build Time | 2 Days


[ Visitors Welcome - RP Encouraged - Screenshots Encouraged ]

My partner was always determined to have a really comfortable feeling library of their own.
It would be their own little retreat in game that brought them a sense of calm and happiness.
As such I did everything within my power to make sure that slice of happiness was a reality.
By taking the original design they had made and giving it a fresh new layout with upgrades.

I promised them I would give them the library and more and judging from the smile it put on their face when I showed them.
I think I can say, mission accomplished.

Here's hoping it brings you all a little slice enjoyment too ♥