Revised Crystarium-styled house

2022.05.25 10:45


Hellooo everyone,

I felt that the top floor of my personal house was the least-liked of my builds, so i wanted to improve it.
The crystarium has always been my favourite city, and so i wanted to decorate my personal house in a crystarium-style.
There aren't many examples on the internet of "crystarium-styled" houses, so i hope this helps atleast some people out there who want to make something similar!!

The last photo is made without light to show the cool effect of the blue glass, but to brighten up the picture my friend Chikara posed for it!!
also thanks to Leona for the extra photos!!

If you have any questions, u can always contact me on discord; schwi#1763


the bottom floor is still the same as my previous build, but i figured i'd post it here aswell


pictures of the staircase