Kadour's Catering

2022.04.30 11:06

Flower Gator

Empyreum Ward 9, Plot 2. Crystal Data Center, Mateus

Mateus サーバー, エンピレアム・ヴィレッジ9区、2.


My FC managed to win a medium in Ishgard! Upgraded from the Goblet. And my FC leader was kind enough to let me decorate the place. He had a very specific vision: a bakery with plenty of seating that celebrated pre-calamity Coerthas. Complete with aquariums to showcase his rarest catches and some otters (because both player and his character loves them!). So I ended up going with a more rustic build that showcased several kinds of wood textures and tones to bring in warmth, and was not shy about adding various plants.

While I was in charge of the architecture and overall decorating, it was my FC leader (Kadour) who was in charge of placing all the fun foods and chose the finishing touches such as the flowers that went in the pots, as well as decorated the yard. But the yard was so good I felt like it deserved to be showcased too <3

We are open to visitors, so please do feel free to stop by!




As I mentioned in the first page, the yard was entirely done by my FC leader Kadour. However, I think it was so well done it would be a crime not to showcase the views he created.