Saltshaker Café

2022.04.29 06:49

Gelly Panda

------- April 2022 -------
[L] Aether [Cactuar] | Empyreum | Ward 1 | Plot 60

My FC has been trying to get a large for so long! I'm so happy that we were finally able to get one, and even next to the hot spring. I wanted to try and included as much of the space that I could. Since I knew my FC mates would appreciate viewing just how large our new home is. At first, I was stumped on what to do with it but after talking to one of our FC's leaders I got some ideas. She currently isn't able to play but I knew that she would want a library and then she also said a room that's similar to spirited away, a garden, and an alchemy station. After she said those things, I had millions of ideas. I loved using the new furnishings as well. Absolutely had to create a secret room with the false bookshelf. I really enjoyed working on a large the way I wanted to.