Small Conjurer's Clinic

2021.11.21 15:38




It's been awhile since I've done an apartment build! Big inspirations for this one were Akiaaaa, ShanoFarenheight, Antoine Lenheim, and the HGXIV beginner style design guide.
Specifically their section on walls. Since I wanted to use the Glade bed i took one of their examples and modified it to suit my needs here for this build.

This room was designed to be a small doctor's office equipped for short term and long term care. The character that owns the office believes in a clean environment filled with sunlight and plants. And since she lives and works in The Mist, it made sense to give her an ocean view from her back patio. The back Starlight wreath will change with seasons and holidays!

The light level is set at level 2 to take advantage of both natural light from windows and placed items. Feel free to stop by!