The Garden of Nowhere

2021.11.15 15:44

Boyfriend Materia

Greetings traveler! Rest your weary souls here in The Garden of Nowhere-- an ode to Shadowbringers as we welcome the forthcoming of Endwalker. Immerse yourselves along with fellow warriors of light and darkness in this small realm where time and space stands still. As we look out towards the Crystarium as once did the Crystal Exarch, may we truly appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

As you travel on, may all of the dark lost inside you find light again-- and at journey's end, we will meet again!

Inspired by Nora Rappy (My Idol lol. If you see this, you're the one that got me into housing)

Address: Tonberry (Elemental) Mist, Ward 17, Plot 35