Bamboo Lounge

2021.10.24 08:37

Gelly Panda

------- October 2021 -------
[S] Aether [Gilgamesh] | Shirogane | Ward 7 | Plot 56

I feel like my short breaks have given me more motivation and inspiration lately! This was a commission I originally didn't think I was going to take on, but I can't resist themes like this one. Once I knew it was Japanese Modern build I had so many different ideas for the rooms that were requested. I was a bit worried though, since I haven't worked on a small for a while. I almost got overzealous with the slots. I really enjoy how various parts of this design turned out though. I got to play around with many ideas I've been really wanting to try out but didn't get a chance to due to theme conflict. I also adore how the yard turned out! I was stumped on what to do for it because I thought the housing exterior would limit what items would work with it. However, the chimneys made some very cute resting areas!