Alynatien FC Room

2021.09.16 09:08


So this room pictures aren't going to do it justice you really have to just see it in person. Alyn did this just just input from me. I talked him through decorating and teaching him how to float items. The hardest part was the ceiling. Lay out some aquaducts in a cross pattern on the floor and get those up in place then start floating your flooring mat. This will help you keep them the same height. I suggest painting them a dark color so you don't see any mistakes you might have made. This can be frustrating until you get the hang of it. Jus tlay it all out first. If you don't care about the ceiling just skip that part.

The room is an octagon

---This is a Scholars quarters so there is a small library on one side and a small library/bedroom on the other side. I wish I could post more but you can look for yourself.

Plot 41, 6th ward - Goblet on Excal