Lod's Slice of Paradise

2021.09.16 08:54


Those with questions about the window.

Phasmascape - vend/MB
cracked arch window - vend
Stage panel - vend

Position your marble arch then get your phasmascape where you want it. Then attack the cracked window to the stage panel. There are video's on youtube to help you. Then slowly merge the stage panel into the phasmascape and when you have it in there a way rotate the stage panel until you have a slight angle on it and keep playing with it until only the wood parts are visible. This might take you a bit of time but its worth it.

NOTE... The phasmascapes are BOWED so the center will be more forward than the sides. You will notice this if you try to center the moon in the window an you wont be able to get the full wooden effect. However its still nice. ------ The glowing dragon icon... That is just a carby lamp inside of that. It fits and sparkles nicely.