Cozy Log Cabin Home for Two

2021.08.22 20:34


Aether DC | Adamantoise | Lavender Beds (LB) | Ward 2 | Plot 21 | Casa de Jack Y Anne

Includes a living room area, kitchen, NPC desk, and ultimate weapon display. :>

We wanted to make a bigger area dedicated to "trophy" items like Shinryu's Wing, Suzaku Wall Hanging, etc., but there wasn't enough open slots, so we settled for the weapon display.

The clutter items around the house can be swapped out for fun (like the Giant Beaver Burger Set on the table instead of Costa del Helio)... or for holidays!


Aether DC | Adamantoise | Lavender Beds (LB) | Ward 2 | Plot 21 | Casa de Jack Y Anne

Weeb/nerd room! Lol \o/ Plus a bathroom and hallway (not shown).

We both really like gaming and wanted our room to feel a bit like what we'd like IRL (gaming, anime, and being comfy!). Luckily we already had most posters in the game... the SHB poster would've been nice but the size and frame made us think maybe it'd stick out too much. More room for plushies would be nice though lol

Died a little on the inside when we found out the slanted skylight couldn't be floated (it'd go on top of the door otherwise).

We like how the bathroom turned out, too. A lot of people seem to really like/use baths... but we're more shower-people.


Aether DC | Adamantoise | Lavender Beds (LB) | Ward 2 | Plot 21 | Casa de Jack Y Anne

Thought the garden would be pretty hard to be satisfied with... but we're really happy with how it turned out. So glad SE made wisterias and hydrangeas (and purchasable from a housing NPC too!)

I (Anne) love the Wooden Deck area a lot. Esp. the fairy lights on the La Noscean Grape Pergolas.

There's so many great outdoor housing items that it's a shame it's only 30 slots ^^;

Sidenote: shame the Mini Aetheryte can't be placed on the deck. At least with the housing glitches we could place it kind of on the deck, while hiding the bottom that clips through it.

Lastly, you can't quite see them but there's the Firecrest and Pumpkin Glass Trophy's on the deck, too (at least those snapped up, lol). For some reason I can't search them on the "Find furniture to add", though.