2021.07.22 16:28

Miss Vee

MATEUS - WARD 16, PLOT 30 Toku No Shokan Manor
Private room - "The Patio Cafe"
Large Shirogane FC house. Open for RP to all at all times. Open-RP rooms in private rooms are also open to everyone. Open-RP rooms are not for private use and are considered public at all times so cannot be reserved for private RP. House has an open garden, library, meeting room, general shop, bar, restaurant with two floors of seating, three hotel rooms: single, deluxe, and hostel style. Open-RP rooms in the private quarters include: an infirmary, an office, a scenic 'balcony', and an 'outdoor' patio cafe. Bring your friends, stay at the hotel, grab a bite at the restaurant or patio cafe, relax on the balcony, use the infirmary, work for The Heroes In Eorzean Forests by "picking up contracts" from the front desk. Enjoy your stay!