Tilford Manor 2.0

2021.05.24 10:16


This is a redesign of my friend's house after the casino was a bust. She asked me to make it more homey while also keeping it a space that could be used for our free company to hold events at. With that in mind, I wanted to make a space that was both like your house and somewhere you would hold a party.

This house is located on Coeurl, Mist Ward 13 Plot 5, feel free to visit and take a look!


For the second floor I decided to focus mainly on the bedroom, as the meeting room would not really benefit from a massive redesign. I wanted the bedroom to have a sort of magical feeling to it, so I wanted to add whatever plants or nature I could think of. I really liked the idea of a walk-in closet/mannequin display so I played around with that too


The basement serves as an event space for our free company since my friend is the only one that owns a large. The initial picture was the original design I had for the basement, regrettably this was the only full shot I had of the basement. Since writing this, I've reworked the basement in order to incorporate the blue moon phasmascape. I took inspiration from Holyval1 as to the layout of the phasmascapes.

Check out their build over here: