The Scholarly Baker -- Magic Consultancy, Cafe, & Library

2021.02.22 21:17

Boyfriend Materia

Welcome to The Scholarly Baker-- Magic Consultancy, Cafe, and Library! A humble JRPG inspired magic shop / cafe that offers dwellers wonder in every corner.

I am proud to announce that I have relocated to a nice large plot in mist. This will officially mark my 2nd house decorated, with it being the first mansion. This design is inspired by Nora Rappy as well fusing it with my original design in my previous medium plot. I love "organized clutter" which makes the place very cozy as well as soft and subtle lighting in corners of the rooms. I'm also very fond of floor-to-ceiling windows that's just grand during the day. Please enjoy and relax amidst the grandness of nature!

IGN: Boyfriend Materia
Address: Toberry, Mist, Ward 2, Plot 45