Disney's Beauty and the Beast

2020.12.30 11:35

Moonlit Night

I wanted something disney inspired, so i went with Beauty and the Beast. It is a mixture of the live action and the animated movies. I hope you enjoy! The Mist Ward 7 Plot 5 Diabolos on Crystal DC.


I love how the message book in the library glows because it gives off the feeling of the book in the live action one that allows them to travel to wherever they think of.


I wanted to add in the beautiful ballroom, I added as much detail as I could, and although I didnt take the images in the daytime, it most definetly bring the whole room together once the light shines through the windows.


Went with something that was both a mixture of the gardens in the movies as well as the balcony scene after their ballroom dance, i wanted warmth and something that felt like a dream. Truly hope you can all enjoy the little details I have added to each part of this mansion.