Underground Fight Pit

2020.12.02 12:32

Flower Gator


This build is no longer in use!


Crystal Data Center: Zalera Server | Goblet: Ward 24, plot 43


My first large build! My friends over at Huxian Syndicate managed to snag a large, and asked for help turning it into an RP venue capable of hosting fighting tournaments. The Syndicate is an underground criminal group with Hingan roots that wish to extend their reach into Eorzea, with Ul'dah as the starting point.

With this in mind, I aimed to keep the architecture Ul'dahn inspired, and the furniture within a touch of Hingan and Doman. The top floor pictured here is the main lobby where a weapons check, a lounge, and an open-window focal point is. The Moroccan door was inspired by Ellie Net, and the open window was courtesy of following Shano Farenheight's tutorials.

They will be hosting tournaments soon on Zalera, so do keep an eye out for them! And feel free to stop by!



The basement features a raised floor to accomplish the illusion of an actual fighting pit. The basement is complete with a VIP area, bar, Gamesmaster box, and an infirmary for healing RP at the very back.