The Seance Sisters - Seance Room

2020.11.25 11:24


Grehwyda was part of the travelling duo - "The Seance Sisters".
Following the mysterious disappearence of her sister, Grehwyda herself went missing.

This was a room I made for Halloween. It is heavily based on "Madam Leota" from the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland.
It was really tough to make the main centerpiece as this is a private FC room and not a house, so i could not float items from the basement.
Therefore the centerpiece is quite high off the ground.
My favourite is the head inside the crystal ball and the floating musical glowing musical instruments.
The best part is that the instruments are not really "glowing". There is no special lighting and it is purely contrast of color with the background.

Room #19, Plot 49, 6th Ward, Shirogane,